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Carpet Flooring in Lodi, CA

If you are searching for carpet in Lodi, CA, look no further than Accent Carpet One Floor & Home of Tracy, Lodi, and Manteca, CA. Carpet flooring has many brilliant benefits. Our flooring professionals are your trusted carpet experts, and our goal is to remove the confusion of buying new flooring. Here, you’ll be pleased to encounter a wide range of carpet options, including pet-proof, child-friendly, wear-resistant, and allergy-friendly selections.


Stain-resistant carpets make life easier in your home and protect against accidental spills and messes caused by pets or children. Additionally, carpet is considered allergy-friendly, making it a practical choice for those who cope with seasonal allergies. If you’re looking to add carpet to your space, here’s a guideline for choosing the best option for you!


Which Type Of Carpet Is Best For Me?


Carpeting is comprised of sturdy fibers, which are twisted into piles. Fibers can be made of different materials that are either synthetic or natural. Synthetic carpet fibers include nylon, polyester, triexta, and olefin. Wool is one of the most beloved natural fibers. Many prefer wool carpets due to their sound-absorbing and hypoallergenic qualities. There are cut piles, loop piles, and even cut and loop piles.


The most important thing you need to do is choose the right type of carpet that balances style and performance. There are five main types of carpet: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.


Which Carpet Type Works Best For Me?


Carpeting is a popular flooring option because of its unmatched and versatile style. Yet, when it comes to choosing a carpet that best suits your interior design, the choices can seem endless. Here’s a breakdown of carpeting and how different styles can fit best into your space.


Carpet Types


  • Level Loop: For this carpeting type, loops are left uncut on the carpet’s surface, with a high or low pile height. Level Loop carpet is a highly durable option for high-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways. It can hide dirt and stains, making it an ideal choice for kids and pets.


  • Pattern: A mix of high-cut tufts and low loops give this carpeting beautiful patterning while remaining durable. Pattern carpets are great in high-traffic areas.


  • Textured: This type of carpeting is made with kinked or curled yarn, and this helps to reduce light reflection. Known as the “trackless” carpeting, it is perfect for medium to high traffic locations like living rooms and bedrooms.


  • Frieze: Also known as ‘twists’, the highly twisted yarn used to make this carpeting type makes this carpet a customer favorite compared to other carpeting, thanks to its ability to hide traction marks.


  • Plush: Perhaps the most luxurious carpeting, this type has a deep, dense pile that gives this carpet a velvet look. This carpeting is prone to vacuum marks and footprints, yet a non-shiny yarn can help reduce traffic marks.


Carpet Fiber Types


  • Nylon is a popular synthetic fiber. It is known for its durability and can be treated to become stain resistant.


  • Polyester is a budget-friendly alternative to nylon. It is also a durable option and must be treated.


  • Olefin is a fiber that is best used for Berber or loop carpeting.


  • Triexta is a more recent addition to the synthetic carpet world. It is naturally stain-resistant, so it doesn’t need to be treated.


  • Wool is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable option. Wool is a renewable resource, and it also increases energy efficiency in your home.


Where Can My Carpeting Be Installed?


You can install carpeting in bedrooms, dens, living rooms, and hallways, just to name a few areas. Stain, wear, and fade-resistant carpeting are perfect for high-traffic areas like stairs, hallways, and even your kids’ playroom.


Keep in mind the following:


  • Wherever you opt to enjoy soft-surface flooring, it’s essential to clean them frequently.


  • When installed on hardwood steps, our stair runners must be installed using staples and standard C1 Maintenance applies. We recommend the Stanton In-House Stair Runner program.


Did you know? Any of our showroom carpeting (remnants included) can be made into an area rug or a runner! Interested in in-house stair runners or a specific style? Our flooring experts can point you in the right direction.


Our Carpet Selection


Accent Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We offer up all the hottest carpet brands, including Tigressá, LEES, Resista, Innovia, Kraus, Mullican, Masland, and Karastan. Ready to invest in your flooring? Visit one of our showrooms in Tracy, Lodi, or Manteca, or browse our online selection today!



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