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Tigressà Carpet Selection

Don’t be afraid to dive into considering carpet for your premier flooring choice in your home. Why? The answer is Tigressà! Accent Carpet One in Tracy, Manteca, and Lodi CA offers this brand name exclusive product that is specifically designed to hold up in active households, able to withstand everyday wear from children and pets.




It has been tested, tried, and true; guaranteed to be strong and soft. If you’re still curious on the details of how Tigressà is made, we’ve broken it down into the Science of Soft Carpetthe truth is in the facts.


Tigressà is made, we’ve broken it down into the Science of Soft Carpet – the truth is in the facts.



Tigressà Selection



                                                                                    Tigressa Soft Style_AB                                                                                    

Tigressà SoftStyle


Tigressà SoftStyle is composed of nylon fibers that are engineered to be extremely silky and soft, yet durable which makes this a great, mid-range carpet option for active families.



Tigressà Cherish


Tigressà Cherish kicks it up a notch from the SoftStyle in terms of pure comfort and double the softness. With our color enhancement system and unique geometric fiber shape that allows for longer lasting color.



 Tigressa Cherish_AB

Tigressà H20


Tigressà has it all with the H20 line of carpet offering superior protection against liquids and a unique backing preventing liquids from seeping through the carpet. If you’re looking for performance, this carpet has it and helps make maintenance a breeze!






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